Her twisted lies will become a deadly obsession.

Emily as: Mara Toufiey
Genre(s): Drama | Thriller
Written by: Ann Turner
Directed by: Ann Turner
Other Cast: Susan Sarandon, Sam Neill, Charles Tingwell, William McInnes
Release Date: April 18, 2006
Production Budget:
Total Worldwide Gross:
Filming Locations: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Sophie Hartley is a talented professional illustrator in middle class Melbourne who is convinced that someone is trying to steal her children, her husband Craig and her life. Forced to prove her sanity, Sophie fights back and makes a discovery more shocking than her worst fear. To make matters worse, things aren’t going well to Sophie with her husband. When she becomes convinced that she’s being stalked by one of Craig’s co-workers – a beautiful, highly competent assistant, Mara Toufiey – no one believes her. Sophie’s life begins to fall apart. She feels she’s being watched, followed, copied…

Production Info

  • Susan Sarandon worked with writer/director Ann Turner for six months to get the film’s script to meet her specifications before principal photography got underway in Australia (from early March 2005 through late April 2005).
  • Character Quotes

  • I lost my best friend. It’s a gap that doesn’t go away. Kate was an aid worker. She was working in Kosovo with abandoned children, trying to reunite them with their families. One night, someone threw a Molotov cocktail through the window and Kate was killed in the fire trying to get the babies out. And I miss her so much. And I keep thinking, if only she hadn’t been there. She shouldn’t even have been there. Someone hurt her very badly here. That’s why she went.
  • Congratulations. It is so great when it happens to someone who deserves it.
  • What have you done now, Sophie? You’ve broken into my house again? Are you aware of what this means? I’m going make it so hard for you.
  • I’m a liar, just like you.
  • I was stuck in a children’s home ’til I was 10. I was just fostered out over and over like an unwanted dog.
  • Mara: It’s such a pleasure to meet you, Sophie. I’ve heard heaps about you. Craig talks about you all the time.
    Sophie: Really? Oh. What does he say?
    Mara: Everything. Everything. You’re an illustrator, hold down the fort, that you sleep badly at night.
    Sophie: Oh, he told you everything.
    Mara: He did. I just wanted to say I think it’s inspiring, this book you’re doing. It’s such a great topic. What dark secrets are you planning to reveal?
  • Mara: You know, I identified with that article of yours. Trying to balance work and home.
    Sophie: Don’t believe everything you read.
    Mara: I have one and that’s pretty full on. Jessica’s eight.
    Sophie: Oh, my gosh, you look so young.
    Mara: Well, I just… started young. Managed to get myself knocked up accidentally. God, it was hard. But I wouldn’t have given Jessie up for anything in the world.
  • Sophie: You are so good. You know that? You even had me convinced I was crazy.
    Mara: You are. It’s my word against yours.
    Sophie: You know, let’s just go upstairs and talk this thing through.
    Mara: I know everything I need to.
  • Sophie: It’s okay. I’m here. I won’t leave you again.
    Mara: Do you promise?
    Sophie: Oh, I promise.
    Mara: Would you cross your heart and hope to die?
  • Quoting: Emily Blunt

    On working with Susan Sarandon: She’s just a force of nature. Amazing to work with. We just had such a laugh. And she’s frighteningly smart.

    Critical Response

    Andrew L. Urban, Urban Cinefile: Emily Blunt exudes the confidence she needs as Mara, a complex character with whom we are always on edge.

    Betty Jo Tucker, ReelTalk: Sam Neill and Emily Blunt also excel as Sophie’s worried husband and sexy co-worker. Blunt’s role requires her to exude the sexual attraction of a younger woman and to make viewers as suspicious of her as Sophie is, which she accomplishes — in no small part because of her natural beauty.