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Clips from Late Night with Seth Meyers

Last night (April 3) Emily made another much-welcomed talk show appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers–to discuss how she met husband John Krasinski, her daughters opinions on her acting, and her latest role in A Quiet Place. She’s always a delight to watch, both in character and as herself, and this interview is no exception. Take a look for yourself.

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John Krasinski’s Secret to Making a Movie with Emily Blunt: “She’s the Boss”

VANITY FAIR – John Krasinski was experiencing a roller coaster of emotions. While making introductions just minutes before screening his new horror movie—A Quiet Place, whick Krasinski directed, co-wrote, and stars in—the actor was beaming with pride. Before long, he was getting emotional as he introduced his co-stars at New York City’s AMC Lincoln Square theater: deaf actress Millicent Simmonds, Noah Jupe, and Emily Blunt, who is also Krasinski’s wife.

“This is actually happening! Perfect, I just blacked out. I have no idea what I’m about to say,” Krasinski joked to a packed crowd that included Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Justin Theroux, Stanley Tucci, and Rob Marshall, who just directed Blunt in Mary Poppins Returns.

“I can’t tell you how much this movie means to me. I love that people are saying it’s scary. But to me, it is all about family and the metaphor for what it takes to be a parent, and the extremes that you would go through to protect your kids,” he said—before adding that he knew his words might sound “insane” when juxtaposed against the still being projected onto the big screen, which showed Blunt looking distressed while sitting in a bathtub.

“You laugh now, but afterwards you’re going to be, ‘I get it man!’” Krasinski continued. “So I’m just preparing you.”

A Quiet Place—in theaters April 6—focuses on a couple (Krasinski and Blunt) and their young children (Simmonds and Jupe) trying to survive in post-apocalyptic world filled with mysterious creatures who hunt by sound; the slightest noise leads the monsters to violently attack. The film uses sign language—the daughter is deaf—and just about 90 lines of spoken dialogue, most of which is whispered, adding an extra layer of terror to an already suspenseful premise. Critics are unanimously praising Krasinski for crafting a smart, riveting, genre-bending tale in his third outing as a feature director, following the 2016 indie comedy The Hollars and the 2009 drama Brief Interviews With Hideous Men. A Quiet Place is not only Krasinski’s first studio picture—it’s also his first movie in which he co-stars with Blunt.

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Emily Blunt: ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ Will ‘Hopefully Stand Alone’

INDIEWIRE – Good things take time. Nearly 55 years after the original “Mary Poppins” dropped into theaters, care of Julie Andrews and her iconic umbrella, the film is finally getting a sequel, this one starring Emily Blunt as the eponymous nanny with a magical way of doing things. The film, “Mary Poppins Returns,” reteams Blunt with her “Into the Woods” director Rob Marshall, hinting that there will be no shortage of large-scale musical set pieces. Still, the biggest challenge for Blunt was the most obvious one: taking over such a beloved character, who also happened to be played by an equally as beloved actress.

“Rob Marshall sort of protected me from the idea that I felt like I was moving a boulder out of the way of this iconic role played by someone as iconic and as brilliant as Julie Andrews,” Blunt told IndieWire. “Ultimately, he allowed it to feel like an intimate process where I could just make her my own. It will be my interpretation of her, for better or worse.”

Set in Depression-era London, the film reintroduces the Banks kids — Jane and Michael, now adults — and picks up after a “personal loss” that has impacted both the siblings and Michael’s own trio of kids. Per the official synopsis, Mary uses her “unique magical skills” to help “the family rediscover the joy and wonder missing in their lives.”

The film stars Ben Whishaw as Michael and Emily Mortimer as Jane, along with Meryl Streep as Mary’s own “eccentric cousin” and Lin-Manuel Miranda as a lamplighting apprentice. Angela Lansbury, Julie Walters, and Colin Firth also appear, and original star Dick Van Dyke is reportedly on board for a cameo appearance.

“It’s beautiful. I’ve seen it,” Blunt said. “It’s absolutely magical, yet grounded and I think will hopefully stand alone as an independent feature. It’s the next chapter of Mary Poppins and I absolutely adored doing it.”

The actress didn’t rematch the original film during the process of making her own “Mary Poppins,” all the better to allow the character to become her own. “I tried not to be swayed by the details of what Julie did, so that I could really just have my own impression of her from the books,” she said.

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SXSW Portraits

Our gallery has been updated with some great portrait sessions of Emily taken as SXSW Festival during her promotion of A Quiet Place. Enjoy!