Hot Package: Dwayne Johnson & Emily Blunt In ‘Ball And Chain’

At this point, this one isn’t confirmed, but with Emily Gordon penning the script (she also did The Big Sick, for those that have seen it), this could be a very promising project for Emily. Stay tuned for further updates on its status.

DEADLINE – We might not have a clear path to a resumption of production yet, but the material market is certainly back in full bloom. The hot spec package tonight is Ball and Chain, with Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt attached to play a bickering couple who receive super powers that only work if they can learn to put aside their differences and work together.

Here’s the description from the four-part comic book published in 1999: Edgar and Mallory Bulson have decided to throw in the towel. That was the plan anyway, until a mysterious meteor bathed the battling couple in extraterrestrial energies that gave them super-powers. Will their newfound abilities be enough to make their marriage work?

The script is by Emily Gordon, and Kevin Misher is producing with Seven Bucks. Several studios are bidding, and it sounds like Netflix is emerging as a potential destination. None of the participants would return Deadline’s calls.

Stay tuned.


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