A spot of tea and bit of ‘Sunshine’ with Emily Blunt

Brit Emily Blunt won over audiences stateside with her underfed fashionista in The Devil Wears Prada. For her latest role, in Sunshine Cleaning (expanding to more cities Friday), the Golden Globe winner trades designer duds for biohazard gear she must wear to clean up crime scenes — a business she starts with her sister (Amy Adams). Blunt, 26, joins a reporter for a spot of tea at hip West Hollywood hotel Palihouse.

Green tea without milk?
I’m on a health kick! I’m drawn to cheeseburgers, so I’ve got to just try and keep it on an even keel.

During The Devil Wears Prada, you and Anne Hathaway famously went on strict diets.
Hungry girls are mean, so it’s surprising we became such good friends.

Thankfully, your wardrobe in Sunshine Cleaning did not require such restraint. How did you like those powder-blue jumpsuits?
I loved it. We looked like such idiots!

I heard that you and Adams bonded by taking trips to the mall in Albuquerque. Did you ever get recognized?
We were in Pottery Barn and I think Prada had come out pretty recently — that’s when things changed a bit. A woman, an actual employee, grabbed my arm and started to shriek and almost dislocate my shoulder, and Amy ran across the other side of the shop and didn’t come help me!

Those crime scenes looked so realistic.
They do wonders. The props room looked like The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

You spoke openly about your last relationship, with Michael Bublé (which ended last summer). But you won’t discuss your current boyfriend (said to be The Office’s John Krasinski). Why the change of heart?
Unfortunately, when you invite those questions in, then when things go south, people still have the assumption that you want to talk about it. And unfortunately I don’t. It was a learning curve for me. I don’t feel like (talking about my relationship) is something I have to do.

You recently voiced a character on The Simpsons. Any other TV show you would love to be on? Like, say, The Office?
(Laughs and squirms.) I don’t really watch that much TV, to be honest. (You will) see me on Dancing With the Stars. We have, like, the U.K. version called Strictly Come Dancing, and it’s like an obsession for my entire family.

In The Wolfman (coming Nov. 6) and The Young Victoria (no date set), you did some of your own stunts, including horseback riding. How did that go?
I’m in one piece. I almost broke my coccyx on The Wolfman, and I banged my head once. I had to fall really hard.

Next, you shoot Gulliver’s Travels with Jack Black. Then what?
I don’t know yet. … I would love to be on Broadway!